east coast.

Aritzia is finally making the move to NEW YORK!!!! they are setting up shop in SoHo, all you New Yorkers are in for a treat.


model search.

I have an assignment for my fashion styling class to search for photographers/stylist/models from Vancouver.NYC and London( or based out of these cities) that are my favorite and why and Sasha Pivovarova might make the cut! she seems pretty down to earth, she loves her husband, travel and art, sounds like my kind of girl.

(and i guess she takes pretty decent pictures hahah)


olsen influence.

Issue #2 of The Gentlewoman
I have not posted about my girl Ashley in a very long time, i was very excited to see this recent interview in The Gentlewoman. i would say that this is my favorite Ashley Olsen interview in a while, this seems more honest and personal more so then MKA's other interviews!


s/s 2011

one of my favorites, Proenza Schouler

pure joy.

Dancing around my house wouldn't be the same without this song, it is definitely one of my favorites at the moment, i love the concept of the video such a simple lovely life while looking good!

home is when im alone with you xo