you win some, you lose some.

It felt like it was the hottest day on this day in early august, Andrew and i decided to go to a couple garage sales and then hit the beach, we packed up our books, music, hat, fruit the usual things... i set up our area with the blankets while Andrew was wondering the shore line....i sat down for about 2 minutes before the dog in the second picture made serious eye contact with me and charged out of the water to come see me, i am watching as he is running at me with its soaking wet fur. I start to freak out a little and get up and move off the blankets and he does exactly what i thought he was going to do SHAKE ALL OVER ME AND ALL OUR STUFF!! hahahaha it was so bizarre, the dog just had it out for me..... the owner of the dog felt so bad he was swearing and then they just got in there car and left .... i was in shock.. Andrew and i just start laughing at each other, packed up our soaking stinky stuff and headed to our friend Alison's pool... all in all it was still a great day! haha

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