This is Ben! my friend Chad's puppy, Chad was in a bind the other day, he had no one to look after Ben while he was at work SO i eagerly offered up my services to look after the little guy! I took him to the farm to visit my grandpa, let him run around and sniff the other dogs i think he had a good time, when we got back to my house he was so tired that he passed out for an hour, it was really cute, i was able to make and eat my dinner while he was sleeping, when he woke up he was hungry so first thing he does is dump all his food on the ground hahah


  1. omg i love the last picture!! what a little trouble maker but sooo cute!!

  2. haha i caught him in the act! so cute!

  3. SUCH a trouble maker...
    and pretty aggressive for a baby pup
    but i still wuvvvv him LOTS