to those who wait.

For the locals, a little insider tip.... corn season has begun!! fresh picked daily.....yum.
On a side note, i got a call from Blanche Macdonald the other day to inform me that i will be able to start my fashion merchandising program in September!! (my start date was supposed to be November!!) very good news. since i got the phone call i have been in cleaning and organizing mode, preparing for the year ahead. is it weird that all i can think about is school supply shopping?? and getting an amazing daily planner......bring it on school!


with a little help from our friends.

wow! where to start! my summer has been a complete whirlwind thus far, I'm so sad that i have not put anytime in to updating my blog, i have been a little uninspired for the past month and have not given myself any creative downtime. i am hoping this will change soon! i am taking my first weekend off of the summer and i am filling it with lovely outings, today my friends and i drove up to Squamish and went to Brohm Lake it was beautiful and rustic, a small hike to get too, completely worth it, we soaked up the sun while floating down the lake all day. tomorrow my boyfriend and i plan to go to an antique market in the morning, hopeful something will strike my eye! then off to the Steveston farmers market to walk around and meet my mom. last but not least my friend Emily's graduation party!! i cant wait, I'm very proud of you girl! xoxo