The most drool worthy shoe collection i have seen, displayed and organized so well! i love
5 inch and up.


your tepee or mine.

I'm going camping!!! for the first time!! ahhh I'm so excited, wish me luck. i know i will pack way to much and probably all unnecessary things!! hahah you live and learn.


summer job

this will be me in a week!

happy friday

So i only have 2 more days at work and i am free for the summer!! i have a week off and then i return to work but on my family farm! i can not wait, working on the farm is my favorite thing do in the summer, we set our own hours and we get to be outside in the sun. my sister and i sell fresh local produce on the side of the road almost everyday we sell cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, beans, peas, beets, carrots, potatoes and corn! we also take part in the farmers markets every two weeks. we drive a beat up truck and could not be happier!
(I'm going to post some farm pictures for you guys soon)


frock and roll

pictures from the thinking tank
Vogue June 2010 by Johnathan Van Meter photographed my Annie Leibovitz
On the occasion of her debut album release, Karen Elson and Jack White agreed to be photographed together for the first time. she wore charming vintage-look dresses and he wore a top hat.
check out the ghost who walks

alexander wang 2011 resort

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