are you looking at me?

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6 reasons sunglasses are so amazing!
-no awkward eye contact with randoms
- no make up, no problem
- they make almost every outfit complete
- they of course protect our eyes from the sun
-they make people watching very easy (no one likes to see someone staring at them......creepy)
-last but not least, sunglasses usually mean that the sun is shining!( except for those freaks who wear them in dark clubs HA. this does not include Karl Lagerfeld he can do whatever he wants)

quick quick slow.

NEW SHOES!! nine west, Dolce vita, Aldo, Forever21, Minnetonka

i have been such a sucker for wedges right now, you could say I'm obsessed at the moment.

side note: i have been trying to figure out how i was going to work leopard print into my wardrobe i have not come across anything that i have loved or felt was worth buying until i found these sandals! they are my perfect medium, they will add a perfect pop in my wardrobe that wont completely overpower an outfit.
mission accomplished.

thank you andrew for taking my pictures xo


the ants go marching two by two.

THURSDAY: i just had the loveliest two days off, i went and checked out Blanche Macdonald and VCC with my aunt ( i call her my school advisor) shes the best! we had a light lunch and shopped around Holt Renfrew (she had never been there)!.
i then met up with Jord! we had planned to have a downtown adventure/ sleepover. we wandered around the city for awhile and then went back to her house and had Mexican night and made the best quesadilla/ burritos, we tried to pace ourselves because we had a date to go to the chocolate buffet at the Sutton hotel later on (it was so delicious i recommend you going) key words unlimited amounts of crepes and a chocolate fondue fountain...yum. we waited for Jords cousin Danielle to get off work( she works at the Sutton) and we all went out for drinks after to section 3 in Yale town to say the least we had a great time. favorite quote of the night " he was nice, he only got creepy when he licked your hand" hahahah
FRIDAY: Jord made a big breakfast for us the next morning prawn omelette's with fresh fruit and cinnamon toast yum... we watched movies until i had to go at noon.
i left Jords to go meet Jess who i had made a date to meet at Starbucks, we sat outside in the sun and caught up for a couple of hours it was really nice, the funniest part of our visit was these two young girls came up to us and asked us if they could interview us for a school project hahah we were like ....Ok?..... what is it? they explained that they were interviewing blonde's to see if it is true if blonde's really do have more fun. the answer was unanimous OF COURSE WE DO!! hahah
after my visit with Jess i met my sister and cousin to play catch and suntan at the park, I'm so happy summer is creeping in the sun really makes everything more fun and people more happy in general, to round out the rest of my evening i had a nice family dinner over at my aunt and uncles, hilarity ensues. after dinner i finally got to see my boyfriend who i haven't seen in two days, it was really nice, i missed him.xo
i hope everyone enjoys there weekend as much as i did!! xoxo


one hundred.

100th post already!! that was fast!
OK, so i have some exciting news!!.... i am going to go take a tour tomorrow of the school that i am considering going to in the fall! it is called Blanche Macdonald and i want to take the fashion merchandising diploma program.. I'm extremely nervous, I'm not exactly sure why... i think it is more excitement, i am finally deciding what direction i want to go in my life, it is another step towards my future and i couldn't be more thrilled to start pursuing my passion!


night hawk.

the girl likes to shop.

happy hour

our wicked new shoes! Dolce Vita and Steve Madden

My sister and i just arrived home from our bi-annual sisters shopping spree in Seattle, the tradition started about four years ago and has held strong, and like always we had as much fun as ever!! you cant beat good food, good shopping and good quality sister time. here are a few pictures of our adventures! love you lee xo


momma bear.

happy mothers to all the beautiful mothers, for everything you do, for always being there when you are needed, for making us smile since the day we were born. your never ending love and kindness is appreciated more than you know, i don't know what i would do with out you

crimson and clover.

happy anniversary babe..i love you.


dress me up.

These are really cute.....by Kimberley Gordon of wildfox


fools gold.

alternative apparel


live it, breathe it.

What can i say, the girl has amazing style so i felt it was very necessary to do a little post
Alexa Chung so gorgeous, so stylish.

happy cinco de mayo!!

taco night tonight!


green thumb.

When i was over a my boyfriends house the other night, his mom had a bunch of plants planted in clear vases in all different sizes and it looked so cool, so i was inspired to do this at my house too and to also turn my black thumb green, i have killed every plant i have ever owned in a matter of days! so i needed to talk to a professional to teach me how to take care of plants properly so i called my dad (hes a farmer) probably the best person i could talk to..... so together we went to the nursery to pick up indoor potting soil, the rock for the bottom and these two indoor flowers that are called new guinea impatiens( they are a type of indoor flower).... they have a really pretty natural glitter to them... I'm happy to say it has been just over a week since i potted them and they are still lush and alive and budding new flowers ever other day!!!