make it happen.

I am ready for a new chapter in my life, i am ready for a new challenge whether it be going back to school, starting a new job or creating my own little business i am ready to start... i am just putting it out there. no more excuses! wish me luck. xo



more kate.kate.kate love her.

fashion toast.

all of her lovely things.

happy friday.

Although i have to work all weekend i hope the rest of you enjoy yours!


My daily armour, my luggage that was getting more full by the day, my reading material and I picked up a few new Essie nail polishes...punchy pink (it is like florescent pink it is perfect for summer), mint candy apple ( turquoise ) and lilacism ( lavender ).


Desert blooms.

when your walking in the desert everything is brown, the sand the rocks the trees and then you see all these lovely flowers and the bright colour.... we went at the right time of year!

i'v been through the desert on a horse with no name.

This was one of the best trips Andrew and i have taken together, we did so much more than we thought we would. we went hiking at Joshua tree national park and at Indian Canyon both places were breathtakingly beautiful, it really makes you think how lucky we are to live on this beautiful earth. we took a tram up the side of a mountain and on the top there was snow! in the desert! it was very cool. we shopped, took pictures, tried many new restaurants and hung out with my dads neighbours who treated us like family like we have know them forever, there kindness will not be forgotten. and of course lounging poolside in the back yard. perfection.

technical difficulties.

hello friends so i have been trying to get some pictures up of my trip to Palm Springs but it is just not working so they will be coming soon!!.. i hope xoxo


reduce reuse recycle.. do your part to preserve our earth. i have decided to get rid of all of my harsh house cleaning products and to get earth friendly products... iv been seeing commercials about this brand called 7th generation and they have every cleaning product that i need.
i am crossing over!! stay green.


you and me babe.

And we're off!! palm springs awaits!
The weather is mid 80's, backyard pool and hot tub, clubhouse/golf course around the corner and Coachella polo grounds are 7 minutes away from the house! the only sad news is that the golf cart has broken down hahahaha xoxo see you soon.


like a fine wine.

he just gets better with age... sigh

miss pandora

french blogger who is always well dressed and has many pretty pictures!

wish list.

loose green blazer + black scalloped shorts= perfect spring outfit
thank you RACHEL ROY!!

cute jumper could be scandalous.


get stoned.

I need more ysl!! i want to collect all of them, wouldn't that be lovely.

read books.

beautiful personal libraries.

sky planters

Designed by Patrick Morris, you can grow plants upside down inside your home or office. Using a ground breaking internal reservoir system to feed water directly to the roots, means no water evaporates or drips. The Sky Planter is made from ceramic.
i love these so much....i wonder if they ship to canada?!


Guten Abend

rainbow stairs... Wuppertal, Germany