east coast.

Aritzia is finally making the move to NEW YORK!!!! they are setting up shop in SoHo, all you New Yorkers are in for a treat.


model search.

I have an assignment for my fashion styling class to search for photographers/stylist/models from Vancouver.NYC and London( or based out of these cities) that are my favorite and why and Sasha Pivovarova might make the cut! she seems pretty down to earth, she loves her husband, travel and art, sounds like my kind of girl.

(and i guess she takes pretty decent pictures hahah)


olsen influence.

Issue #2 of The Gentlewoman
I have not posted about my girl Ashley in a very long time, i was very excited to see this recent interview in The Gentlewoman. i would say that this is my favorite Ashley Olsen interview in a while, this seems more honest and personal more so then MKA's other interviews!


s/s 2011

one of my favorites, Proenza Schouler

pure joy.

Dancing around my house wouldn't be the same without this song, it is definitely one of my favorites at the moment, i love the concept of the video such a simple lovely life while looking good!

home is when im alone with you xo


new aussie.

Abby,Robyn,AMY,me, Alisha xo

My good friend Amy is moving to Australia for 2 years for work, I'm so excited for her and this new chapter in her life, i hope she has an amazing time!!. this is us at her farewell BBQ, just a little FYI Amy and her parents throw the best BBQ's, I'm pretty sure i have been to every single one for the past 4 summers! miss you, love you Amy xo

amazing summer getaway.

Brooke,Me,Rochale and Shay (blackout blonde's!)

Emily,Alison,Alicia and Jaime (team vom train)
(these are all the lovely ladies that went up to Osoyoos with me!)

a few pre-drinks before the SAGE


X-STAR no big deal....

on our walk to the SAGE!

we got the party started as soon as we found our seat...

This trip with the girls was so necessary after how crazy busy i have been this whole summer, it was my first 5 days off the whole summer and i really felt like i earned it, i felt absolutely no gilt living it up for 5 days with the gals, we lounged at the beach and dock all day when we weren't on the boat cruising the lake blasting music, our nights out always took us the SAGE, especially for karaoke night!! thanks you girls for all the amazing memories. xoxo



This is Ben! my friend Chad's puppy, Chad was in a bind the other day, he had no one to look after Ben while he was at work SO i eagerly offered up my services to look after the little guy! I took him to the farm to visit my grandpa, let him run around and sniff the other dogs i think he had a good time, when we got back to my house he was so tired that he passed out for an hour, it was really cute, i was able to make and eat my dinner while he was sleeping, when he woke up he was hungry so first thing he does is dump all his food on the ground hahah

you win some, you lose some.

It felt like it was the hottest day on this day in early august, Andrew and i decided to go to a couple garage sales and then hit the beach, we packed up our books, music, hat, fruit the usual things... i set up our area with the blankets while Andrew was wondering the shore line....i sat down for about 2 minutes before the dog in the second picture made serious eye contact with me and charged out of the water to come see me, i am watching as he is running at me with its soaking wet fur. I start to freak out a little and get up and move off the blankets and he does exactly what i thought he was going to do SHAKE ALL OVER ME AND ALL OUR STUFF!! hahahaha it was so bizarre, the dog just had it out for me..... the owner of the dog felt so bad he was swearing and then they just got in there car and left .... i was in shock.. Andrew and i just start laughing at each other, packed up our soaking stinky stuff and headed to our friend Alison's pool... all in all it was still a great day! haha

one mile diet.

Shay was coming to hang out tonight so i made us dinner, fresh corn, beets, green bean salad
and a mixed drink with local frozen blueberries as ice cubes. yum.

where to next....

Last year at this time Jord and i decided to have a huge clothing sale to try and sell everything we owned to make money so we could spend it in Paris! a dream trip of a lifetime, we rented an apartment for a month and a half in Paris and stayed with family in the south of France, we completely did it our way. shopped, ate, walked everywhere, museums, Bastille day, stayed home, read all day and acquired a shoe collection that anyone would drool over (we brought home 13 pairs of shoes....EACH haha) anyway the sale was so successful last year that we decided to do it again this year! always a great time with friends and cute music.



ALICIA'S BIRTHDAY! We all got together to celebrate Alicia's 22nd birthday with dinner at my moms house, as usual it was a delicious food fest! thank you mom for always throwing parties for us!!
( this is my mom in the last picture, what a babe!)


So i bought this cute antique coffee table from the thrift store a couple months ago, not knowing where i was going to put it since i already have a beautiful coffee table. however i knew i had to buy it no matter what.... so i did, who says no to $9.99?. it has been sitting in my house in the corner since i bought it because i actually have NO where to put it! (very poor planning) Then one day as i was trying to organize my house (mess) it dawned on me to make it into my gardening table!! so the table now lives on my patio with my soil, rocks and gardening tools! it made me so happy to give it a real home and i have put it to good use!

a simple kind of life.

MARKET SUNDAY!! My sister and i are produce vendors in our local farmers market in our town, they take place every two weeks throughout the summer and we have been doing them for 8 years! i can't believe it has been that long! we started out with one table and only a few items and have now expanded to two tables with 15 different fruits and vegetables. This is my favorite job and it is always sad to see it end for the year. This picture is my sister and i with our great friend Brooke living it up at our farm after a successful market.